Monday, May 3, 2010

Assignment Allegedly #7

Life and Death

*hangs head in shame*

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

I don't hate much in the world. I'm opposed to some things. I don't respect others. I can get annoyed. But rarely do I actually hate something.

But I loathe this assignment.

Again with the shooting issue....I was so lost. As usual. How metaphorical should I be, how literally should I take this assignment, should I focus more on one thing than another, etc. Once I figured out how I finally - finally finally finally finally finally finally finally - wanted to shoot this assignment, things began to look up. I was hopeful. And then I shot it. And then I was sad.

My theme was "To Die For", which I liked. If I expanded this project, I would diptic portraits. Or portrait diptics? Either way, I'd have one image of someone holding something they felt was to die for in that superficial way - jewelry, clothes, cars, expensive toys from Apple, etc. - and I'd shoot another image of that same person with something they actually WOULD die for. A Bible, a baby, an opportunity for someone they loved. Hm. I might actually RE-shoot this assignment, because the more I think about it, the cooler I think this project could be. Why didn't I shoot that? Ugh.

In case you can't tell, this whole "Life and Death"/"To Die For" project just unfolded itself entirely in my mind about thirty seconds ago while I was writing this. Again with the perpetual tardiness - my brain couldn't have figured that out even just a week earlier?

There was a lot I wanted (and still want) to do with this assignment, and I lot I just didn't get to do. I'm not happy with my images. I'm not happy with my contact sheet. I'm not happy with my negatives. They do this thing where they're always dusty.

However, I think that doing abysmally on this assignment has strengthened my resolve to make the next one the greatest thing I've ever done. Furthermore, that assignment that I have to do well on so all hell won't break loose is my final project. And I'd like a really strong final project. Scratch that, after this disaster, I'm CRAVING a really strong final project. I feel as though I have to redeem myself.

Now that I'm about to draw this post to a well deserved close, I do feel as though I should have a bright side moment and try to see what good came of this experience. Hmmmmmmm...well, I had a bit of fun shooting the jewelry. I got to arrange sparkly things in pretty light. Some of those photos turned out not so well, but some were alright. I wish we had the time in photo to do some studio lighting stuff - not only do I think that would have helped my jewelry turn out better, but I also think that that would be really fun.

So. Yes. With feelings of forced optimism, I'm off to print contact sheets.

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Mr. Patteson said...

Studio lighting is in your future, either jr or sr year...