Sunday, April 11, 2010

For how much I love darkroom, I do miss putting photos on my photo blog. Writing and research are great and all, but that's not really what this blog is about. That said, here are a few photos from last spring break to tide me over until I do digital again sometime next year. After break, my camera and I were BFF's. Usually. It does have a tendency to make everyone look super pale. 

I like the composition in this one. I like the repetition of the chairs and the bright colors. This is my favorite. 

Sweet air. 
Setting my camera to "manual" isn't just useful for formal assignments! It works in real life! It's not like math! I get to do things like slow my shutter speed just enough to make my brother blur. 

I shoot things directly looking at them or from below a lot...I'm going to experiment with this above angle more. I like it. It's not one 5'4'' me gets to see a lot. 

I don't like the man in the red shirt in the background, but I like the vibrant red in the foreground. It really pops, especially with the white/gray/blue of the scene behind him. 

This isn't a very good photograph. I just really liked the duck. 

Dumb picture, but standing in line at Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (which should be called "Mr. Toad Goes to Hell") I had this little epiphany, where I was like, "Window light is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen EVER!" And that was nice. 

This makes me want to do a photo project on hypnosis. Wouldn't that be cool? Photographing illusions and hypnotists/the hypnotized. Volunteers? 

I love color. I love black and white too, but sometimes I just miss color. I write it long lamenting letters when I'm having filter troubles. 

Again, this above angle thing is working for me. I love the colors. This photo makes me feel like sunshine and chlorine. Good times. I like the weird pose. 

This is actually from February. It was an accident, but I sort of like the result. It makes me feel cold and haunted. I like some of the composition...those trees cut in half at both ends of the photograph are a bit obnoxious, but not terrible.