Friday, April 2, 2010

Assignment #3 Journal


I liked parts of this assignment, and disliked others. No really strong feelings about it, but it was interesting.

What I was happiest with was my image itself (the hand on the window). It had a kind of Alfred Hitchcock-y kind of vibe, and that fits with my discovery that I like photographs that don't show me anything - I like a little mystery. A little uncertainty is good for everyone.

As for the was so so. Although it smelled terrible, I thought it was really cool, and it did give me that "do-it-yourselfer" attitude I love feeling in the darkroom. I ended up really liking selinium toner. I like the subtlety. I do NOT like sepia toner. I think if I want that kind of warm, nostalgic feel then I'll print on warm tone paper. Sepia (and split toner) feel too...extreme for me, I guess. I just felt like I wasn't looking at my photograph anymore. My photo was black and white. My photo didn't feel like a sentimental Western. If I ever want it to be otherwise, then I will use sepia toner. But for now, I'm happy with the more enigmatic selinium.