Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festival of Trees Panoramas

I both loved and hated shooting at Festival of trees. It was fun, and interesting, and I felt like I pretty much had endless image possibilities (the above tree was my favorite there). However, the lighting wasn't all that fabulous, and I had no tripod. But I'll just check this off as a "valuble learning experience" and as I continue shooting I'll remember:
1) Tripod is a MUST.
2) Panoramas should tell a story. They are more than a long skinny picture.
3) Light, light, light light light light light light light.

Kind of warped. Alright, very warped. But it was good practice.

My favorite panorama I've shot thus far. I think it should be a Christmas card. I like the mirror and the lighting. It bugs me that I forgot to make the background black, but that's repairable.

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Michael Slade said...

How in the world did the pinewood derby track sneak by me? Holy cow that is an awesome shot. It has me thinking...