Thursday, December 17, 2009

Assignment #7 - Panoramas

This assignment started out as one I hated, and ended up being one of my favorites. I love being able to show someone something they would otherwise never see - not just in that there are some places I can be that no one else can, but also in the sense that I can let someone look at the ceiling and the floor at the same time. At first I struggled with this assignment, and I felt like all I was doing is showing stupid long, skinny, pictures. But then as I shot more and more, I think I got better at telling a story, which is something I really want my photography to do. I think I ended up with mixed results. I have some I love, some I'm deeming "good practice" in an attempt to be wildly optimistic.

Everyone who lives in Utah, or has ever lived in Utah, has probably taken this picture. However, not all of them decided to correctly expose everything in the scene and then merge it all together for a well exposed photograph, now have they? Ha.

I love this them. Usually I hate photographing my own house, but along the lines of what Slade said, if I don't then who will? This is something only I can show, and I'm happy with how I showed it. I don't love the light on the top edge, but I love the light in the rest of the image so I'm willing to let is somewhat slide. I love how this image is so them. This is so typical of a day with Tom, Merz, and Michael at my house. It feels like home.

Hm. Could give or take it. It was "good practice". I wish I had more people walking in front (and when I shot I thought I did), but no.

Festive, yeah? Another good practice pic. One of the first I shot. It's not my favorite, but 'tis the season. And I do like the photographer in the mirror

I love this one. I love the light. I love the colors. I LOVE the story. I think it's interesting and well composed. This is one of my favorite images all year.

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