Sunday, November 29, 2009

Underwater Photography rocks my socks


I have put all previous plans for the future on hold. Instead, I'm going to learn to scuba dive, buy a really nice underwater camera, live in the Bahamas, and be an underwater photographer. Never mind the fact that I'll have to live out of a van - it'd be awesome. I'd love it. It'd make me ridiculously happy, and I do kind of like that crazy, romantic notion of abandoning everything sensible to do "fulfill your dreams" and all that jazz.

I've spent my weekend looking at underwater images, and they're just so...COOL. They all have kind of an ethereal quality. They're interesting and otherworldly. They aren't what you see on an everyday basis. 

Elena Kalis has some fun, funky images. Same goes for the artistic Istituto Marangoni. Sea pics  has some nifty wildlife shots. National Geographic naturally has some fabulous images as well. Who do I have to kidnap before they hire me? 

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