Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini Final

Better late than never?

Complimentary color. This started out as one of my least favorite shots, and ended up as one of my favorites. The bottle wasn't really as green as I had hoped it would be when I first shot it, but now I'm glad it's more of a gray/blue than a lime green. I love the reflection of the lightbulb in the middle of the image too. It's really smooth and soft and beautiful.

Monochromatic (though I guess that it could also work for numbers). I really love the textures in this one - the smooth washer and the rough concrete. I like the composition, and the light, while not being particularly funky or unique, is nice. The focus makes me sing.

Probably my favorite photograph of the entire term. I love the lighting, the focus, the composition. The emotion. This is a side of Merzy a lot of people don't usually see. But I might be with her more than any other person in the universe, so I feel almost obligated to capture it. I love her interaction with the camera. Not hiding, not posing, just looking. Just there, existing in the world. I don't think her photograph really expects anything. It doesn't demand anything either - it's not "oh! Look at this outlandish portrait!" It's quietly beautiful.
Complimentery. Ish. My favorite focus of the term. That narrow strip of completely sharp, perfect focus is awesome.
Numbers. It was hard chosing my favorite six photographs, and this one almost didn't make it. I was worried about it being cliche. But I'd compare certain aspects of it with another photograph, and it'd come out on top. I love the shallow depth of field (again). And I adore the light. It's kind of nifty. And it helps that I love and adore this guitar with my whole heart, despite sucking at playing it.
Complimentary. Wow, that's kind of a major theme of this post...who knew my least favorite assignment would produce my best images? Huh. *muse muse muse* Anyway, I love the subtlety of this one. It's not scream in your face complimentary. And this image kind of means something to me. There'a stuffed animal I've had since I was a baby, and I pretty much loved it to pieces. I took it everywhere when I was little, and as a result it's dirty and scratched up and falling apart. My grandma at one point actually had to sew its head back on, and when she did she also stitched on pretty little flowers - a girly elementary kid's best friend. Hence this image. I like the general cool tones of this image, and the focus too. And I love how even though the flowers look crisper and nicer, in the bottom right corner you can see better how this stuffed animal's really falling apart.
Picking six images was hard. Not because I love and adore every image I've shot, but because there's a really big group of my photographs that I love almost exactly the same. There are a couple I super love (like that portrait) and some I hate, and some that are so so. But this group is definitely the biggest. It was hard to narrow things down. If I did this assignment again, I probably wouldn't pick any of these images again. But maybe I would. Hm.

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