Friday, November 13, 2009

Assignment #5 - 50 Free Shoot

I love and adore this image. I admit I shot it towards the beginning of the year, but I needed one more for free shoot, and I hadn't shot it for a different assignment, I just shot it because I thought it was cool. I love the light. I've never really been a fan of harsh light, but it's starting to grow on me. I like the focus and composition too.

Love love LOVE the light. I'm not sure how I feel about the highlights being quite THIS blown out...but they draw your eye towards the center of the image (not onto the edge and away onto the next blog), and towards Ashley. I'll admit that little white dodad sitting in the corner drives me crazy, but now I'll remember to pay more attention to my corners when I shoot in the future. *desperate attempt at optimism*

I converted this to black and white, once I decided that that wasn't cheating. I love the smooth textures in this image. If I saw this in a magazine, I'd go buy a bunch of light bulbs. It's not really the kind of image I'm used to shooting, or that I necessarily usually want to shoot, but I like it. It's not personal/emotional in any way, but it looks almost flawless at first glance. And that doesn't actually bother me the way it might if this were a photograph of a human.

Maybe it WAS cheating when I converted this one to B&W, because I did so after I had major color balance issues (the wall was too green, then the light bulbs were too magenta, then the wall was too green...vicious cycle to deal with). But I love the light. I love the highlights drawing me into the center of the photograph. I love the light reflecting on the metal.

A bronze (chipping) statue of hands that sits in my living room. This focus isn't what I want it to be, but it's close. It's kind of abstract. I like the metallic color in the foreground and the softer blue behind it.

Don't love it. Seduced by color? Probably. Good image? Maybe. Good powerpoint slide background? You know it. Complimentary? Yes, yes, yes! (or at least close enough for me to fake it)

I love the shadow of the lamp, and the light on the plant. The blue world just outside? Not so much. The color balance is off, and furthermore, it makes me feel cold. Brrr.

This reminds me of the movie Across the Universe because, while this would be awesome set to a Beatles song, it just doesn't make all that much sense. I think that it's fun, but not necessarily the greatest thing ever. This is what I get though, for having no tripod and not shooting until eight at night. Being forced to shoot with super long exposures = time to play with blur!

Tried something new today: individual pics, THEN general comments.

Ooo, innovative.

Actually, it just won't let me paste my comments on the top. So.

I wasn't particularly fond of this assignment at first...I like having something specific to do. Or maybe I don't, because I think I complain about pretty much every assignment I DO recieve. Oh well. General contradictary-ness is an expected side affect of my teenage brain.

At first I wasn't really sure what to do with this. Suddenly I had all this FREEDOM, and I couldn't seem to do anything with it. There was apparently unlimited potential in the world around me, so why couldn't I find any of it? Well, because I wasn't working hard enough. I work hard when I shoot, but I also need to learn how to work hard when I SEE.

It started with a lamp, as most things do. I had taken off all the mini shade things off of it so I just had a weird metal pole with five bare lightbulbs screwed on top. I was actually using that lamp to light my portraits at first, but while I was waiting for my sister to come downstairs so I could shoot her I just so happened to have a lamp and a camera...and I got some photos I liked.

After that my project began pulling itself together a little more. I think that, like most people, I gave myself my own little assignment within the assignment. I didn't consciously mean to do so at first, but looking back at my free shoot images I notice that all of them seem to be about light. The hand statue might be a stretch, but even there light is still important.

In my opinion light is the most (technically) important thing for a good photograph to have. If a photograph is out of focus, doesn't have the greatest composition, etc. but has fabulous light then it's probably overall still a pretty good image. Not the best, but decent enough. Light can make or break a photograph (in my case, I sure hope it made mine...). It's fun to play with, frustrating to find, interesting to shoot, beautiful to look at.

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Michael Slade said...

Good assignment and very good writing. I think you learned a few things here that you can apply in the future. I love the one of the lamp shadow and plant.