Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Assignment

While I'm sitting forlornly at home with the swine, I decided that, despite not having Lightroom, I would post my Halloween pictures, because I actually don't mind not being able to work on them as much as I would like to. 

I actually really liked this project. It was interesting, and fun to shoot. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the play ate my life, I wasn't able to shoot at night like I wanted to, which meant a lot of my images came out overexposed, and a lot of the time they were also blurry. However, I figured that it's pretty much a requirement for "ghosty" pictures to be blurry (kind of like Bigfoot pictures), so I'm kind of okay with not having that fabulous sharp focus in these. 

I could give or take this one. It's alright. I mostly put it up here because I feel like I owe it to Kristin after what happened about a second after I shot this. She collided with a rather hard, thorny, inconveniently placed plant. But despite this, she bravely allowed me to continue shooting her. Thanks dear. 

I like weird blur. I don't love that the whole picture - IMAGE! I meant image - is blurry, but I still like the random's kind of cool. 

I think this is the only one with good focus, and it's not overexposed (good things come from shooting in the shade). Also, I really love the colors in this. The black and white, the red and green, I like the contrast. 

I have a very nice sister. She lets me dress her up and then rolls around on the grass for me. Thank you Merzy. And again, I love the colors in this image. 
I think this might have worked better if Kristin hadn't been laughing when I shot this. But I still like this image. That tree is the greatest tree in existence. 

This is perhaps the only time in my life when I have actually been glad to overexpose. I think it gives this image a kind of alien vibe. And you don't get much creepier than not having a face. 

This one might be my favorite. I love and adore that tree to no end. And Kristin is very, very, creepy. She kind of gives off a little girl from the "Ring" vibe, which goes nicely with the Halloween theme. 

I like this one. Again, I have a nice sister. 

I can't decide: black and white or color? I love the red jacket in the other one, but I also like this. I think it makes you focus more on the image than on the colors in it. Not to mention the fact that I really miss shooting in black and white, which kind of surprises me. I guess you can do wonderful things with color, but my heart's in black and white. 

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wordtoyourmother. said...

i really liike yours. at least you accomplished the slow shutter speed....i did not capture that at all... i like the last one. the black and white version is wayyy coool. nice job