Friday, October 16, 2009

Assignment #3 - Monochromatic

This assignment started out really hard, because I was trying to shoot big, monochromatic scenes (like the pink one up on the class blog). And that was frustrating, and time consuming, and unproductive. Then suddenly, in the eleventh hour, I had a kind of epiphany - if making this assignment about color was so difficult, why not make it about something else? And so I decided that "something else" would be texture.

After that shooting was SO much better. My photographs were a lot more interesting (and easier to take). I started getting in closer and paying more attention to lighting, because it was so dark by the time I finally got home, and focus, so I could really show the textures I was photographing. And lo and behold (I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I'll use it anyway) I was able to get some really good, sharp, well lit images, and it didn't take years, and it wasn't overly painful. Which reminds me of what Slade said way back when we were shooting numbers: our assignments are as easy or as hard as you make them. But I don't think that because I made the shooting process easier means that my photos look cheap or boring.


At first I was really unhappy with this, because this carpet is actually white. I didn't set my white balance with this assignment because I only learned it yesterday, so the yellow light of my lamp made this really yellow too, which I thought was gross. But this kind of grew on me. I like the yellow, and I love the focus. You can see every single weird strand sticking out all over the place (because, turns out, you can't vacuum this carpet) and I love it.

To shoot this one I took the screen out of my window, leaned out sideways, and put my camera up against the outside wall of our house. Even though I shot it vertically, I turned it into a landscape and I like it this way a lot more. I love the shallow depth a field (which seems to be a trend throughout this assignment).

Not my favorite, but I still like the lighting and the focus. Yay jeans.

I think might be my favorite. I love the light, the composition, the detail. One thing I was worried about with shooting monochromatic images is that they would be boring, but I don't think this is boring.

Not my favorite. This is part of the first group I shot. It looks kind of dark and ominous, which can be really cool, but I prefer images with really good lighting and sharp focus. I feel like I threw away the top half of this photograph too, and I hate having a whole lot of nothing in an image (unless I feel like it serves some kind of purpose, which I guess makes that nothing something, so...yes, I hate nothing).

Another one I don't love. It's not completely tack sharp in focus like I wanted it to be, but that's what I get for not shooting with a tripod.

This is one of those images that I don't really like, but it seems like other people do. I'm worried this one is a bit redundant - I took a lot of clothing detail shots. Then again, I do like the focus in this one. It reminds me of that first picture. where you can see every little strand. 

Another one I shot towards the beginning of my assignment. I think that with shooting clouds it's insanely easy to end up with really cliche, boring images. But I actually like this one. I like the lighter streak in the top half and how it gets darker in that lower corner. I don't think it's particularly interesting, but I don't think it puts you to sleep either. 

Yay shawls. Not my favorite detail shot, but I needed one more image for my blog. I might reshoot this one. I'm not completely in love with the lighting. And I think I may want a deeper depth of field, because even though a super shallow one worked well in some of my other images, I don't think that's quite as much the case in this one. Also, I didn't white balance when I shot this one either, so the color "feels" wrong to me. 

Love this one. Props to Natalie, whose idea I kinda sorta stole. This was one of the first I shot when I started focusing on texture, and I like it. I love the detail. Plastic is fun to shoot - it seems to reflect light in cool ways. 

So overall, I'm very happy with this assignment. But now that I think I've gotten focus and lighting down pretty well, I want to focus more on "telling a story". I want photography that's more than just technically sound and interesting. I want emotion behind all of that. I want poems, not prose.


Michael Slade said...

"I want poems, not prose." Fabulous! You will get it I am positive of that. Well done Emma.

Writergirl101 said...

Emma : you have offically become my idol! Great job!

Zel said...

yo yo i am comenting on your blog! I LOVE YOU