Thursday, September 10, 2009

School again, school again

Wow. We're back. What I really wanted to do was commemorate the beginning of this new school year with something cool like a massive gold statue, or an oil painting, or a severed head, but I guess I'll just write a blog post instead. There's technology for you.

Anywho. My summer. I was slightly reluctant to write about it because that means I will have to talk about it in past tense. But here it is. Have a list.

Five productive things I did this summer:
  1. Wrote endless stories. Tried my hand at horror, but alas, I suck. I think what I really ought to do is make a horror FILM, because then things can jump out at you. Things can't really jump out of you in text, and pop ups just didn't give me the effect I was after.
  2. Learned how to sew on a button. Now, this may seem pointless. Unimportant. Dull. But hey, I think it's cool. And I decorated all the aprons in the house.
  3. Guitar! I can play. Well, ish. My dad got me one for Christmas, so I tried to learn. And I'm not half bad. I can play a lot of Cat Stevens and Beatles songs. And, I found the chords to the numa numa song, so that's cool.
  4. Utah Shakespearean Festival acting camp. I saw all the plays (Comedy of Errors made me laugh so hard I cried) and learned how to nap. No, not like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nap. "Nap" is what you call the sound you make when pretending to hit someone. I can now push, punch, pull hair, roll, fall, and bang people's heads on my knee.
  5. Europe trip! Oh no, wait, that wasn't me, only everyone else in our grade. Sigh. I DID go to Scout Camp at Philmont though, which was cool. I hiked and did a ropes course and learned a lot of really loud, repetative, obnoxious songs to sing on a bus. It was a little weird being practically the only girl in a sea of boys in beige, but Philmont was stunningly beautiful and amazing.

Five not-so-productive things I did this summer:
  1. Facebook. It's so time consuming. For the most part it's pointless. It eats steadily away at your brain cells and your soul until nothing remains but an empty shell. But it's really fun. Who wants to be my Farmville neighbor?
  2. Okay. I don't usually watch a ton of TV, but somehow I ended up watching like four seasons of this junky CW show called Supernatural, about two brothers who kill ghosts and ride around in a 67 Chevy Impala that I want.
  3. My trip to Oregon. I flew to Astoria to visit Carly, who moved at the beginning of the summer. As far as having fun goes it was great, but it wasn't exactly "productive". I slept in until noon about every day, and then spend the rest of the day lying on the beach. It was very stressful for me, as I'm sure you can imagine. But it was really fun. And I took a ton of pictures, so that's good.
  4. Spent more time than I should have trying to download Gimp onto my computer, but it rejected me numerous times. And in case you're wondering, I did not learn my lesson in time management. And I will probably go home, and try again another six times before I start on my homework, realize I can't do it, and fall asleep.

Five pictures I took this summer:
(these were on my home computer, which is why this wasn't posted during class)
I like the use of color in this picture a lot. The only real problem I have with it is that that guy above the right hand corner of the towel drives me crazy. I think I'm going to try to edit him out somehow...

I like this little snapshot of life. 

I like the light and the shapes in this. And even though you can't really tell here, I climbed an insane amount of stairs to take this picture, so it's a little bit like a trophy. 

People running into the ocean isn't yet on the list of cliched photographs we can't take, so I think this is legit. And it's cool. I like the color scheme. It's kind of moody. I think this is my favorite picture of these five. 

I used to hate candid photos, but I actually like this one a lot. Again, I like the colors, but I also like how the two figures kind of contrast - pink and blue, one is walking with her arms (and whole body really) free, while one is standing there, looking kind of tense. 

So there it is. My summer, more or less. All the pictures I put up are from my Astoria trip, and I have to say, that place is incredibly beautiful. And very photogenic. 

I guess this is the part where this post ends and I go fiddle with the camera I rented from the school so I have something to work on on Monday...yep, that sounds good. 

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