Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comic strip fail

So this is kind of a failed comic strip...but hey, we learn from our mistakes. It is slightly cliched (minus the creeper at the end), my camera wasn't focusing correctly, and the lighting isn't fabulous. Overall I'm not a huge fan of harsh lighting and silhouettes, but I might just feel that way right now because I don't love how these photos turned out. So things to remember for next time: 

FOCUS - I personally really like having all the little details, so I should get them
get in closer
cliches suck
muggy Astoria sunsets aren't great as far as light goes 
Sam is always watching

So without more excuses, here it is: 

So with this experience in mind, I really AM off to shoot assignment one. 

Now read the post below, that one is much better and the pictures are ones I actually quite like. 

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