Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Assignment #1 - Numbers

This assignment was really frustrating, because I wanted to take 100 really good images. And honestly, that just wasn't really possible. So with my expectations now somewhat lowered, I feel a lot better about this assignment. I took some really abstract pictures (for example, for 17 I took pictures of my parent's wedding rings because they've been married for 17 years), but found that I didn't really love them all that much. I like the ones where the number is clearer - not scream in your face obvious, but at least discernable.

I just realized that this is basically the same image as the one two blog posts below. Maybe it's just my calling in life to shoot American Eagle shoes.

Five little monkeys jumping on a bed, one fell off and bumped his head. So I photographed them. (See the Band Aid?)

I think this is my favorite image lighting wise. And I adore the really shallow depth of field.

At first I really hate all the crud all over my clock, but now I'm kinda good with it. It's like how whenever I scratch my guitar I don't freak out because I just call it "personality", so yes. My dusty clock isn't ugly. It just has personality.

I like the black board contrast against the white wall. This is supposed to be 18, and hopefully that's obvious from the placement of the darts.

Maybe it's just because I love reading, but I took a lot of pictures of page numbers in books/pictures with words in them this assignment. I love the texture of the paper. The lighting could be better (the image is a smidge dark). There's no "pure white", but there are really only two values in the picture. Which could be good and could be bad...I'm still working on that. And it could just be that my computer isn't calibrated so everything looks a little bit off, which is a nice thought. I love blaming technology.

Yay blackjack. I love the white/black/red contrasts.

Nifty light. The image is a little dark, but I really like it anyway. The texture of the blanket the number is embroidered on is cool.

Mwah. I don't mind this image. It's not the love of my life, but it is definately satisfactory. Thanks to Sarah, because I think this is her lipstick.

I typed the word "GREEK" in pretty font on my computer (it was the first word with 2 "E"s in it that I could think of), took a picture of the screen, and flipped it upsidedown. I was worried about the computer screen messing up my image, but I really liked the way it turned out. Click on it if you want to see the nifty effects of the screen, you can't really tell when the photo's this small.