Friday, June 26, 2009


There was a phrase that a certain Hannah used all the time during winter term. What was it again? Oh yes. 

I  heart blogging. 

Anyway, because I feel the same way, I have a new blog (gasp!). It's my creative writing blog. And I actually posted a story on there today, and you should all go read it because I had to retype the whole thing since it wouldn't copy and paste properly. I think you can either click on my name somewhere and get there from here, or you can just click on the link below: 

And that is all. 

(...I feel so technologically advanced!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

p.s. I really missed putting my OWN photography on my blog. That post was nice. 

Flooded Park

I get to be in love with my photo blog. Yes, I know it's summer. Yes, I am a photo nerd. Yes, I have no life, thank you for reminding me of that fact. I used to, once, long ago. I don't know what happened to it, poor thing... Anyway, the point is as follows: I don't take pictures because I'm in photo, I'm in photo because I take pictures. 

So. Nick, Stewart, Kristin and I were frolicking in the park in the rain earlier today, and it provided a lovely photo opportunity. I really absolutely love photographing the rain. I just love the colors and the "atmosphere" and all that good stuff that seems to come with thunderclouds. I had a ton of fun shooting, and then when we got to my house later we messed around with the photos I had taken. Unfortunately, we could only make them black and white, sepia, "antique", and play with the color because that is the lame system I have set up in my computer, as we don't own Photoshop and Gimp seems to hate me. Or at least, my Mac. While I had a lot of fun, a bunch of our photos turned out looking far from natural. For example, some morbid desire within us inspired us to turn the water red so it looked like blood in many of our photos. And while at first I totally loved those, in the end...not so much. I think that less really is more. I've found I'm not as fond of totally altered photographs. They just look kind of fake. Oh well. I've posted some of those here, and while I don't like them, I of them. Whatever. You can scroll down now. 

Okay. I absolutely adore this image more than you can possibly comprehend. At first the random fence pole thing blocking their faces drove me crazy, but now I really like it. It's a little bit creepy, really, the anonymity and general..."coldness" of the photography. But I think it's lovely. I think it's my favorite of the bunch. 

Yes. I was seduced by color. I'm sorry. But out of all of our "bloody water" pictures, I kind of liked this one. Simply because it is really, really, freakishly creepy. 

Another photo I love (and one I didn't mess with!). There are some freaky things going on with eyes in this picture. I like it. At first I made it so that you couldn't see the fence in this picture, but I like having it part of the photograph. 

Okay. I messed with this one a LOT. I mean, it's green. But I put it on here because I really like the expressions on their faces. I'm starting to wish I had left it alone, though...

This is why I love portraits. Because people are interesting, and I love capturing that. 

This park in the rain really was fantastic. I wish that it was still this way...I wish I had shot more...I wish it would rain again...etc., etc. 

Posed or pensive? 

Another picture I adore. I love the angle so much - he looks like he's defying gravity. And I didn't even have to photoshop it. 

I love the detail and the color and the "shapes" in the photograph, but I don't I being seduced by color? Hm. Probably. It happens. But who wouldn't fall in love with that green? It's poetry green. Original green. Rainy day green. 

Hm. Not a fantabulous picture, but I like that it looks a little bit like you're looking UP into the water instead of down, which is cool. 

Yes, I messed with the color, but I think that in any color this would be a cool picture. I love it. I usually don't like having my subject in the middle of my photo, but here I think it works okay. It's not boring. It's interesting. 

I love the light. Light is my friend. If I could marry light I would. The textures in this photo are also nice - very smooth. 

Candid, I swear. They had biked ahead of us (Kristin and I had feet, not wheels, so we were walking), and this is how they stopped to wait. I love portraits. I like the "mood" of this picture a lot...kind of cool and melancholy...

I hate sepia. And it's not strictly sepia, Again, wishing I hadn't messed with it a ton (unfortunately my computer isn't cool enough to save a backup copy of the original like I asked it so nicely to, if you change anything on one image it changes all copies of the image in all the folders. I hate technology). Oh well. I like it. It is posed, yes, but I don't think it's overly model-y. I like it. 

Candid portraits sometimes bring out the best in us.

So. Yes. My photo blog lives, which is always nice. On the off chance that someone is actually reading this, please comment. I don't have a photo class to critique my photos would be really helpful.