Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Final Project Journals

I'm just doing an after journal, because I think that my other journal about the idea for this assignment kind of qualifies as a before journal. So.

I certainly had the best shooting experience with this assignment about people who stretch time. At first I was really worried and while I had some ideas I didn't know what I was going to shoot for certain, but then I once I started shooting I got some nice results. I drove around at night (well, I was driven around at night) and took portraits of people who work the graveyard shift, which I thought was really interesting. Not one person refused to have their picture taken, though some were a bit reluctant. At first I was really nervous about asking complete strangers if I could take their photos, but once I warmed up to it a bit it was easy, and even fun. It turns out that the people who work at Harmon's at midnight are really, really nice.

However, despite a lovely shooting experience, I have mixed feelings about my final photos. I really really love some of them (such as the one taken at the Drive-Thru window and the one of the scary looking guy from the 7-11), but others I'm not so happy with (such as the three people at the Belgium Waffle). And at first this kind of surprised me, because when I was back from shooting I at first thought that they'd just turn out great and perfect in every way. But now that I think about it, I don't think that I should've been so surprised by this, because it is similar to the experiences I've had with shooting portraits before (it seems kind of hit and miss for me). If you want to scroll back in my blog all the way back to last term when we had portraits as an assignment, you'll see that I had six portraits to turn in for the assignment, and then I had a separate blog post of images that didn't quite work. Shooting portraits does seem kind of difficult, but while I do get mixed results I still love it. Ultimately I set out to take pictures of interesting people because I really do find people fascinating and I guess I wanted to share that. So while I think that I could have had more "really good" portraits, I am still pretty happy with what I got, and it's a project I might be interested in expanding in the future.

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Mr. Patteson said...

Yep, portraits are tough in that way. Very difficult to get just right, very rewarding when you do.