Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Assignment #4 Journals, Before and After

Assignment #4: Night

This assignment gave me a sense of time that I wasn't expecting from it. I really like this kind of reminds me of Star Trek, with the whole time jump idea, where...

Nah, just kidding. I just read my last journal post and realized I watched WAY too much TV before writing it, and have resolved to do less random connections and tangent indulging in the next few of my posts.

So. Night.


After I spent all this time in past projects learning that I really shouldn't shoot at night, and resolving to from now on shoot only during the day, this project seems to kind of a backwards step. And I wish that it had come earlier in the term (or during winter term would've been nice), because I just have all of these memories of fighting so hard for light earlier this year, and now I kind of have a reciprocal problem. Oh well. It's a valuable life experience I guess (or at least, that's what I'm telling myself to keep myself happy).

So far I haven't really got any good ideas for this project. All I know is that I'd like to shoot at this park by my house - there're some interesting shapes there with the playground equipment, a public pool, a creek, and huge trees.


Is it possible to marry a tripod? Because I think I'm in love with mine. I shot at first without one, and was struggling with trying to avoid camera shake when I had such long exposures, but once I found one to use it was smooth sailing from there, and I got some really nice, in focus and sharp images.

This project turned out actually pretty well. I had a really interesting shooting experience. My wonderful mother drove me around all night long, kind of taking me just wherever I felt like going. At first I struggled with finding good subject matter, but after I while I really got used to looking for interesting photos in the dark. I started noticing things I normally wouldn't, such as the various shadows cast by a specific tree and the way that the light hit the water of a creek by my house.

Ultimately I really liked the final images I ended up with, which surprised me because I wasn't originally very gung-ho about this assignment. I like that I got a variety of images, from a concrete parking facility to a creek. Speaking of which, the creek pictures were probably my favorite - they are a little bit confusing, but I like that about them, because I think that night in general is kind of confusing. I love the way the light plays with the water, and the shapes of the trees on the banks. I love the contrast of the bright reflections and the dark shadows. I think they turned out very nicely, and that overall my entire project did as well. This might actually be my favorite assignment yet, and I have the feeling that there's a moral in there somewhere as I originally wasn't looking forward to it. Maybe something like "don't judge a book by its cover" or "I'm not always right" or "be open minded." Or there could always be something obscure like "slow but steady wins the race", but I really didn't see how that one fit in to the story about he tortise and the hare, much less this photo assignment.

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