Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brain Drain

This is late. I'm sorry. I'll go out an buy this T-shirt if you'd like.

For my final project I've kind of got about a million ideas floating around in my head, and I'm not really sure what I want to focus on. I think I have a project, but who knows? But, I have decided for sure for sure 100% on a few certain things: 1) I want to be original. I don't want to have a project super similar to anyone else, or something really cliche or overdone. Mr. Patteson's given us a lot of leeway concerning our interpretation of our project's overall theme, "time", and I want to take advantage of it and make a project that is truly I'm own. 2) Portraits. I LOVE taking pictures of peole. I just find them endlessly fascinating, and I think having a project that I'm really excited about/interested in will result in a better project, because it's something I'll actually care about and work on. 3) Okay, kind of a lame one, but light. I have decided that there will be no more procrastinating! No more putting off things until the last possible moment (or sometime well after that moment)! No more shooting at eleven o'clock the night before or five a.m. the day of. It makes for crappy lighting, and therefore a kind of crappy photograph. And no one wants a crappy photograph. Well, actually, maybe someone would, but I won't go there. And I take back my earlier statement about light being lame, because it is actually infinately amazing. Throughout this year in photo I've come to really care a lot about it, because I think it's essentially what makes or breaks your photograph. And it ties in with time quite nicely. All the seasons/hours of the day stuff...I think it would be a cool thing to experiment with for my final project.

Hm. I've just written like a freaking novella and I have yet to dive into my specific project ideas. Moreover, I also just used the words "freaking" and "novella" in the same sentance. On a blog. I'm sorry!


So without further ado, here is my project (probably...this is subject to change).

Fighting Time

It's an impossible thing to overcome, but people do it everyday. Just look at a billboard - there are endless adds for products that are "guaranteed to make you look younger!", all of which are "recommended by the state's leading beauty technicians!" and lead to "a healthier, happier, younger looking YOU!!!" But I don't really want to focus on the whole advertising thing, I want to take a look at the people who actually buy these products. For example, the grandma who spends hundreds of dollars a month keeping up on her manicure, the middle aged person with and impressive collection of anti-wrinkle treatments, the Lower School mom who wears sweat pants with "Juicy" written across the butt because they think it makes them fit it better with the "young crowd". But I wouldn't only photograph people trying to turn back the clock and make themselves look younger (I think...), I'd also photograph people who are stretching time. The overacheiving middle schooler trying to do every extra curricular activity at once, the procrastinating college student who's up until two a.m. trying to cram for an exam, the overworked photo student who's always behind because they can't simultaneously shoot, process, and agitate the developer...people who are pressed for time, and try to stretch it as far as it will go.

So yes. I have a project. Would you look at that?

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Mr. Patteson said...

I would. Nice post. This could be a really great project, and it's a challenging one too. My initial reaction is that in the time frame we are talking about, you should choose one or the other of these projects, either "fighting time" or "stretching time". I think they could be put together in a more extended project, but for one of this scale I think you'd just be scratching the surface of each one.