Thursday, April 16, 2009

Assignment #2 Journals, Before and After

Assignment #2: Before and After/Closer Look (diptychs and triptychs)


Last term my final project was a comic strip, so I've already gotten to experiment with having a number of photographs trying to communicate with/compliment each other, and I actually really like that. I think it's an interesting idea. I think that of the two sort of "themes" of this assignment the before and after one might be a little more interesting, but only if the change is pretty drastic (but doesn't render the subject unrecognizable). But now that I think about it moving closer could be pretty cool too, though I think I'd like it more the other way around (pulling away) - it kind of like thoes picture books where it shows a really zoomed up picture of something, and then you try to guess what it is and see the full picture on the next page.

I'm not really sure what exactly I'd like to do for this project yet. I'd love before/after portraits, but I'm not really sure how much a person can change (and if they do change a lot, I don't know how willing someone would be to let you photograph them). Hm.....


I was actually pretty happy with (some) of the photos I took. I really liked how the triptych (is that how you spell it?) of Sarah sleeping on the couch. Despite feeling like kind of a creeper when taking them, I still love them. I think I'm starting to be kind of a portrait person...I just like people, I guess. Looking at them. In a totally non-stalker kind of way. Anyway, my favorite of that threesome was the closest picture - I think taking pictures of people when they're asleep (or at least pretending to be...) is kind of an interesting deal, just because they're so unguarded, which seems pretty rare. That detail might be something I want to hang on to for future reference.

Also, apparently I'm obsessed with eggs. I can't eat em, but I sure photograph them a lot, don't I? Especially last term (see high key low key and reshoot assignments). Maybe it's because they're so darn fun to break. Anyway, I think my diptych is...okay. It's kind of funny, and I love her expression in the second one (after she breaks the egg on the counter), but the lighting's kinda gross (teach me to shoot at night). The diptych that I originally had my heart set on was completely out of focus, but I WILL reshoot it! I will! It will the distant, distant...future... 

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Mr. Patteson said...

Nice job on both journal and assignment.