Thursday, April 16, 2009

Assignment #1 Journals, Before and After

Assignment One: A Day in the Life...


This assignment isn't really like any I've ever done before - I don't think there's a ton of careful planning or set up I can do for it, which I'm not too crazy about. Also, I'm a little worried about how this means I need to do something besides sleep all day...that is, unless I only want pictures of my room, which is not nearly well lit or clean enough for me to shoot.

However, despite being kinda worried about how I'll spend my day, I still think that this is a pretty interesting assignment. I wasn't particularly looking forward to "time" as our overall theme, but this assignment wasn't what I expected. It still falls nicely into the theme of the term, but it's a pretty literal translation, which I like. It's direct and interesting - nothing like the "show the passage of time through ____" (blank being lighting, portraiture, motion, etc.), which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to broad and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too..."ugh" inducing and cliche. Also, I think this assignment will be good practice for shooting more candid shots, something I'm not particularly good at/fond of.


This wasn't really an assignment that I could say I liked, but I can't say I didn't like it either. It's more of a "I would have liked this assignment a lot more if ______" (lots of blanks in this journal entry). I didn't love this assignment, but only because of where/how I spent the day I shot it.

First of all, there was the fact that I woke up pretty late, and didn't get to take full advantage of the morning light. Afterwords I was in the car for a while, and learned that it is not a very good place to shoot photo assignements. We spent the afternoon in downtown Salt Lake, which I was happy about (I was hoping to get some cool architecture pictures). However, then we went to a concert and an art museum, neither of which was a place where I was allowed to take pictures. Following thoes little excursions we went to a badly lit German restaurant (though the food was good) and had another long car trip.

But, I still did like parts of this assignment - for example, I got to work on taking candid pictures, and I got to focus on photography for a longer period of time rather than in shorter bursts, and I noticed a lot more - random light patterns in parking lots, people's expressions when they don't think anyone is watching, etc. I think this is a project I'd like to reshoot (maybe over the summer?), but there are a couple things I'd do differently. For example, I'd probably shoot in digital and take pictures more often - every fifteen minutes or so. Also, I'd stick to that timing a little more than I did when we shot this assignment, and I might want to plan my whole day around it, figuring out interesting places to shoot (and more importantly, places where I'll actually be allowed to shoot).

Overall I'm at least satisfied with my final prints. I really like the one of the ceiling in Abravanel Hall. It's very simple, but still interesting - I like the geometry and the different levels, they work together kind of like puzzle peices to make a pretty cool photograph.

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Mr. Patteson said...

This was worth the wait. I agree that this assgt could work better with a digital camera...