Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is what happens when I fall asleep during the day. I catch up on sleep so, come eleven o'clock, I'm wide awake. It's a curse.

But luckily I have this nifty blog, and I finally got my Akumal pictures downloaded, so I at least have something semi-productive to do with my life...

Like I said in the post below, cool turtle. Ugly picture. Awesome turtle. Ugly picture. Outstanding super cool amazing beatiful giant Mexican turtle. Ugly picture.

Sea turtle.

(Coolest thing I've ever seen.)

Same turtle.

(Still pretty dang cool. And I know there's not really a scale to go off of here, but it really was immense.)

Sand turtle.

(I made it myself.)


emma said...

No one was stunned and amazed by my turtles.

Or, more likely, they were and just forgot to comment because they were in such awe. So I took it upon myself to comment on my own blog post. Because come on, it's freaking TURTLES.

So cool. Nice work, me.

DOGS RULE said...

ahhh i love it! emma you make me laugh i love you