Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is what happens when I fall asleep during the day. I catch up on sleep so, come eleven o'clock, I'm wide awake. It's a curse.

But luckily I have this nifty blog, and I finally got my Akumal pictures downloaded, so I at least have something semi-productive to do with my life...

Like I said in the post below, cool turtle. Ugly picture. Awesome turtle. Ugly picture. Outstanding super cool amazing beatiful giant Mexican turtle. Ugly picture.

Sea turtle.

(Coolest thing I've ever seen.)

Same turtle.

(Still pretty dang cool. And I know there's not really a scale to go off of here, but it really was immense.)

Sand turtle.

(I made it myself.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shooting in Akumal

My blog - it lives!

Well, sorta.

Anyway, I was going over some of my photos that I took in Akumal (I got some nice ones of the full moon over the ocean, very cool) and was generally pleased with most of them. I didn't really have time to do a lot of putting shots together kind of shooting, mostly it was point and click at whatever I happened to see at the moment, but I still got a few nice images.

So. General impressions of my photo endevor in Akumal:

1) Ah! I was seduced by color!

The colors there were so vibrant and spectacular, that I found myself shooting a lot of images that really weren't particularly interesting or that well put together. But they were pretty... Anyway. It's the first time I've really realized how easy it is to be seduced by color (because it's the first time in a while where I've been shooting in color). So. I have to remember that there's more to photography than pretty matter how awesome, or bright, or dazzling...

Oh. And I've realized that I do love shooting in color. If I can avoid focusing only on the color, I can get some really nice images. I might even like color more than black and white...though, of course, I love them both.

2) I know what my dream job is.

I've figured out what my dream job would be. Underwater photographer. I'm thinking Waterford helps qualify me for the photographer aspect, and six years on the swim team qualifies me for the underwater part. I think it would be far from easy, but I'd still love it. Lighting seems like it would be kind of hard to deal with...but isn't that what a flash is for? Hm. Do flashes actually upset fish, like in Finding Nemo? Because if so, I might have a bit of an ethical problem on my hands....maybe I'll just photograph underwater caves (I actually did some of that - very cool. And from what I can tell, the rocks are not at all bothered by the flash).

3) My camera is my best friend.

I cannot tell you how many moments I had where I saw something amazing, reached for my camera to take a picture of it, and then realized, much to my dismay, that I didn't have it.I experienced some very tragic, camera-less moments.

4) I told a story!

(Yay! Well, maybe I more "suggested" a story...but that's close enough for me.) So at the beach we were staying at there were a lot of really nice, kind of commercialized condos/beach houses. Pretty, but I didn't really like photographing them because they just felt so...fake. But then I found this torn up, broken down house that I completely fell in love with. It was practically destroyed, and had kind of been taken over by the jungle (that's another thing I learned - in Mexico, the jungle always wins). I loved shooting it, both when it was kind of standing alone, and when you could see the fancy condos next to it. It actually kind of reminded me of Meghan's final project - "things that don't belong". It just looked so different in contrast to all of these well kept, expensive looking buildings right next to it.

5) Hmmm....

So here is my question: can you take a picture of a subject so amazing, interesting, etc. that it doesn't really matter how your lighting is, what you're composition is like, etc? Because I've been looking through my pictures, and my absolute favorite one is of a sea turtle. Now, it's an awful picture. Everything's the same color, visibility in the water completely sucks so it's kind of blurry, the lighting is gross and even composition's not great - I even cut off half of it's back leg/fin/whatever it is that sea turtles have (leg, right?). But I still like it more than any of my other photographs. I mean it's a SEA TURTLE! A sea turtle! And when I show other people my photos, that's their favorite one. will muse over this further.

Oh look, my awful photo poems live as well...:

To forget your camera is bad,
And that situation left me sad
I won't forget from now on,
(cause I hate when it's gone)
Then hopefully I won't go mad