Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Photographic Comic Strips"

So I've decided for my final project I want to do a type of photographic comic strip (not quite sure what it'll be about, yet...) and I was looking online for some examples. Here are my favorite (you really should see them - they're pretty cool):

"Doll Story"
I love the costumes and expressions...maybe I'm just a little seduced by color... I wish I had a way to set up something like this, but I don't really, so I supposed I'll just have to improvise.

"Expresso Conquers Time"
It's true! I like this one - I know what it's like to be dead tired at three in the morning with an essay due the next day... I think it's a good idea to have a story that someone can easily relate too - something simple, like staying up late, instead of something big and dramatic like witnessing a murder.

"Escape to Freedom"
This one's funny, and apart from that I'm not quite sure why I like it so much...but hey, that seems like a pretty good reason.

I like the story that this tells. I like the man in the background of the fourth picture and I really like the lighting (but I don't think this would be nearly as good in black and white).

"Against All Odds"
I think this one is kind of funny, actually. And it certainly tells a very clear, easy to understand story.

"Danse Macabre"
I love how close up these are, and how much detail you can get out of something so small and ordinary as a spider.

I think these photographs have more of the same theme instead of being more of an actual comic strip, but I love them. I love how they each tell a story individually, but also kind of tell a story as a group.

I think I want to do something like the last one ("fixation") because I think people becoming infinately more interesting when they are interested in something (that's why I loved Mrs. Jennings so much! - because she was so excited about what she was teaching us). But I'm not really sure: suggestions welcome.

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