Monday, February 9, 2009

Final Project Ideas

To make a long story short: I need them.

So far, here are the ideas I've kind of a way...:

Movement - I like blur (unless it's not intended, because then it sucks). I think it would be way cool to go to the rec center and photgraph the swim and dive teams.

Poems - like Slade suggested at the beginning of the term. I think I could either pick poems I love and make a photograph to go with them, or take photographs and then write poems to go with them (obviously it would have to be better than this:

My project I'm trying to choose,
So I have the indecision blues,
I don't know what to pick
And it's making me sick
And as Zel would say, "you loose!")

Sequence - a series of photograph that together tell a story (kind of like a photographic comic strip).

Crestwood Park - there's a park down by my house that I absolutely love (it's the place Mr. Bromley took us to catch bugs, if anyone remembers that) and I think I would really enjoy shooting it and could get some pretty good shots.

Object's Point of View - this wasn't originally my idea, but I really like it. Some examples of this: a gift looking out of the box, a TV looking at someone watching it, a piano being played, a story being written. I think this could be really cool but it might also be kind of hard (and hopefully I wouldn't run out of ideas half way through).

My Neighbors - I have some cool ones. Lots of variety - young, old, ones I know well, ones who I've lived next to for six years but are still almost strangers, tall ones, short ones....lots of ones.

Dichotomy - again, I kind of stole this idea from Hannah, but I think it would be really cool and interesting to shoot and set up.

So yeah, if anyone has any suggestions about what I should choose, I'll take em.


Michael said...

I vote for photographic comic strip.

Hannah said...

I like the neighbors and the poem ideas

emma said...

photographic comic strip it is.

Natalie! said...

i think the comic strip will be really cooo. of course i think its really hard and i probably couldn't do it.. but i bet you could. you have way better ideas than i do. good luck!