Thursday, February 12, 2009

Assignment #5 - Reshoot

My original shot. It's gross - gray, blurry, and kind of boring - lots of negative space. I even cut off the shadow. Whole lotta nothing.
My reshoot - untouched. Still a little gray, but I still like it SO much more than the original - the composition is about a million times better. I got in close, got all the shadow. Though slightly out of focus, still. It's not half bad.

My picture, retouched. It's so high key! Though hopefully highlights aren't too blown out. I like the detail in the cracks and that you can see all of the shadow. Much better than the original, isn't it?

WHAT I LEARNED: Reshooting is a very, very good idea. While it's nice to get it right the first time, I still think that you get better photograph in the end if you don't get it quite right the first time and then go back knowing what to do to fix it. I also learned about negative space, and my reshoot is a lot better because there's less negative space, but the negative space that is there isn't totally pointless - I got all of the shadow. Also: light it crucial. It can make or break your shot. And in the future, treat your initial shooting as if it was your reshoot.

WHAT I COULD LEARN BETTER: How to not procrastinate. I'm serious - I had this great opportunity to make an awesome photograph, and I kind of put it off a lot because this was an "easy" assignment - one week to make one print, and I already knew what I was going to shoot. I wish I had experimented more with lighting.

WHAT WORKED: The composition is infinitely better. The shadow is nice, I like the extra eggshells on top, and hos close I was.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: My camera's focus. Also, I'm wondering if this is a little bit boring, and if more cracks/detail in the eggshells would be a good idea. It's much better than the old one though, so I'm happy.

What made me....:

CRY: It.


LAUGH: The expression on my mother's face when I randomly walked by carrying a carton of eggs up the stairs.

SMILE: My composition was SO much better! It was amazing! I got in close, I paid attention to detail and negative space, and - voila! It's so much more interesting now.

SMIRK: Again, I'm not really a smirker...

BAWL: Again with the focus (or lack thereof). I was very disappointed to see that my camera wouldn't focus manually or automatically. What a sad, sad, day.

SWEAR AND CUSS: Why won't you focus, camera? I've treated you well. I keep you warm and dry. I even kept you in a nifty sock as a camera case. I cleaned you, I took good care of you. I paid the cable bill, brushed your teeth, found a nursing home for your grandmother and a great dogsitter for when you were away, So why won't you FOCUS? WHY? (Sorry to bring this up so much in my post...I really am an optimistic person! Usually. Right now I'm just kind of bitter.)


Meghan said...

I like this Emma!!
It's funny... when I saw the original, I really did like the composition. But then I saw the reshoot and I really liked that too. Maybe even better.:) You did a really good job!!

Michael said...

Bitter...and kind of funny too.