Monday, February 2, 2009

Assignment #4 - Portraits

WHAT I LEARNED: Pay attention to background (subject/ground relationship) - your background shouldn't detract from your main subject. While that seems kind of simple, once I stared paying more attention to it, I noticed that it really makes a big difference. Hm. Imagine that.

WHAT I COULD LEARN BETTER: Once again, I wish that I had shot earlier, and shot more. A lot of pictures were of the same person (Katina - that creepy looking girl) and I wish I had more variety.

WHAT WORKED: I really like that freaky eye picture (even though it was a little blurry - not my fault!). Why? It's memorable! Honestly, now that you've seen it, is it something you're likely to forget?

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: I'm not crazy about the sillhouette one. Honestly, I think it's a little...boring. The outline isn't defined particularly well, and the most interesting thing about it is the background.

And what made me:

CRY: My camera lens was covered in shcmuck and so a LOT of my pictures came out blurry. I'm talking huge amounts of photos, all ruined, ruined, RUINED! Sigh. It was very disappointing. My dad's entire AC/DC photoshoop turned out fuzzy.

LAUGH: Okay, see that creepy little girl? Well, it was hard to take these freaky pictures of her with the two of us keeping a straight face, because in reality she is the sweetest little thing in the world. Honestly, she's adorable. Also, the aforementioned AC/DC photoshoot I did with my dad was hilarious (I turned on AC/DC music and had him dance to it while I shot him). Ah, good times, good times...

SMILE: You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you take a picture that you really like, and everything comes together nicely, and all your hard work has paid off and you have this great photograph you absolutely love? Yeah. That traintracks picture gave me that feeling. I just really like it. Maybe you hate it and think it's ugly and want a copy just so that you can burn it, but there's something about it that I still like.

SMIRK: I'm not really much of a smirker when it comes to photo... Talk to me in History if you want to hear all my smirking stories.

BAWL: :( It's a long story... Alright, not really. In fact, I can summarize it in seven words: Camera. Focus. Math. Throw. Stare. Crash. Carly.

SWEAR AND CUSS: I had one REALLY crappy day of shooting that just...ugh! It was one of the few days that I had when I could shoot before the sun set, and I just didn't get around to it until about seven, which seems like a reasonable time to have at least a little light but obviously isn't if you live in this artic tundra we call Utah where it gets dark at about noon. So it's dark, and my tripod keeps slipping because I can't get one of the legs to buckle in, and I'm trying to shoot Katina before she has to leave, and I'm also trying to light up my stupid dark house, and I broke not one lamp, not two, but THREE. Three lamps. Who breaks three lamps? And then my pictures came out foggy. Great. Joy. Ugh. Photo...

And now, my ingenious stroke of inspiration:

While it is just as I feared,
And some of my photos looked smeared,
I still liked shooting
And Slade I'm saluting
And Katina's eye is sure weird.

Some of my photos are blurry,
Making my subjects look furry,
But I still like the pics
I've learned photoshop tricks
So I'm not going to worry


Michael said...

I love your blog posts. Good shooting. We'll figure out the schmutz and focus stuff too...

Natalie! said...

The eye one is quite weird.. it freaks me out a little... but its cool and very memorable!

DOGS RULE said...

emma you make me happy! in a non creepy way

Jane Doe said...

I like the picture of me. Mainly because it's of me and it's one of three pictures of me that I like.

Katina is awesome too!