Thursday, February 19, 2009

Assigment #6 - Comic Strip

WHAT I LEARNED: Well...a lot. Apparently photography doesn't have to be really heavy and "important" to be good. This certainly isn't. It's kind of light hearted and funny (even though I feel kind of bad for my brother). And it's not half bad.

Also, editing. Less is more! As my Wire teacher tells us almost every class, "you have to kill your children" (not your real ones! She means your stories. When in doubt, cut). I probably could have told this story in less than nine frames. I like having all nine there, just because I think it makes more sense and gives this more of a "story" feel, with a sense of time and whatnot rather than making this just a glimpse at a scene. But still, nine is kind of a lot.

And I've been thinking about what Mr. Crane said about photography being communication. You want photos that say something to someone (it goes along with one of Slade's favorite sayings: "tell me a story"). I think it's great advice - if your photo doesn't communicate anything, is it really even worth keeping? No matter how much you LUUUUUUUV it? I think some of these communicate something, but others (the sugar one, for example)....not so much. It's something I'll work on.

WHAT I COULD LEARN BETTER: How to pick a project. It was something that was really hard for me and that I think I could improve on. First it was hard to come up with ideas, and then it was hard to narrow it down to the one I wanted to do. And it's probably a pretty good idea to pick a project that you really love (well, it's definately a good idea). I thought that a comic strip would be really cool, but I wasn't crazy about making one myself and I think that if I had picked something that I was really excited about my project would have turned out better. Because I didn't really know exactly what I was going to do for my comic strip (and because I wasn't completely in love with it) I kept kind of putting it off and shot a lot at last minute (some of my images actually came from the morning of the day it was due). I think if I had picked a project I was really motivated to work on from the get go (just because I LIKED it a lot) I would have started earlier and gotten some better images.

Oh, and I need to not be addicted to my cropping tool.

WHAT WORKED: Sounds kind of stupid for a comic strip, but honestly, I think that putting my pictures side by side in order was great. It made me feel better like that, to see them all laid out to tell a lovely little story. I like that my pictures kind of rely on each other (though some can still stand alone). I also think that I may have pulled off being slightly funny in this comic strip, which is nice. It's not weighty or epic or life changing, but it's kind of silly and fun, which was what I was going for.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: Kind of the same stuff that I just barely wrote worked. My least favorite pictures are probably the ones of the Cocoa Pebbles, the sugar, and the syrup. While they do add to the story as a whole, as individual photographs I think these are the weakest (the ones that can really stand alone well are probably the two close ups of his face). I'm just not particularly fond of them...I would take them out if the story still made sense.

What made me...:

CRY: This was my last project! So not only can I not reshoot it (something I still really want to do...) but - hello! LAST project! No more digital photo for us this term. It's so sad. An era is coming from the end. My poor blog will be lost, even forgotten, and while I do love darkroom, it's so much harder to compose stupid photo poems while being plagued by the overwhelming aroma of Fixer.

LAUGH: Slade is still struggling with the misconception that I am funny. I'm not funny! It's funny he thinks I'm funny. And it's a little funny that I think that his assumption I'm funny is funny. Funny weird, though, not funny funny.

SMILE: It focused! It FOCUSED! I had FOCUSED pictures! Yay! When I saw this I honestly did a little happy dance with my tripod, right then and there. Until, you know, klutzy me dropped the tripod (don't worry, it wasn't the school's) and fell flat on my face. Also, I've got to say that I absolutely love that second image - the close up of my brother sleeping. The lighting is lovely and after living with him for eleven year I think it's safe to say it's a great portrait of him personally. I also like the second to last close up because I love his expression, even though his lips are kind of blurry. Oh well. He wouldn't be my brother if his mouth wasn't moving.

SMIRK: Yeah. Still not much of a smirker. I did shirk, though, which kind of counts because it rhymes (but not really). Oh, and I guess I may have semi-smirked when I got to keep two memory cards. But that was really more of an inner "yay".
BAWL: This entire last week of school. It SUCKED. But hey, if I make it through finals, I'm off to Mexico! So cliches are true: there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, a silver lining on this cloud, the potential for lemonade out of these lemons...

SWEAR AND CUSS: I cut it REALLY close. Really, really, keep-saying-really-for-three-hours close. I honestly had a brief moment of despair that made me want to shoot myself where I was thinking that I might not EVER finish this...but I pulled through. Yay!

Aw....that's the end of my last assignment post for this blog....what am I to do?


Meghan said...

OMG EMMA!! I love everything about this. This is such a brilliant idea too! wow wow wow... i'm honestly in awe. :)

Sarah Reichel said...

I love it Em! Such a good idea! It's very humorous too.

Sarah Reichel said...

I love it Em! Such a good idea! It's very humorous too.

Michael said...

We won't forget your blog. We'll use it next fall.

EXCELLENT blog post, a fabulous project and I think it's funny that you think it's funny that I think you're funny.

Great work this term. I look forward to next fall.

emma said...

Ha ha, it's so funny you think it's funny i think it's funny you think i'm funny....which i'm NOT.

Michael said...


DOGS RULE said...

he he good work emma! emma say lies so i can say TRUTHS!!!!!!!!! te he