Wednesday, January 7, 2009

car reflections

These are from waaaaaaaaaaayyyy back in assignment one - the "car detail" pictures. They're not blow you away fantabulous, but I was experimenting with burning and dodging with them (speaking of which, is it obvious?).

Check out that nifty ladder. Is the white...thing on right hand side too bright?

I like photographs where you can see the photographer/camera (on purpose - the ones you take and then realize you're accidentally in later suck). My car is so dirty.

My warped garage. I'm glad I actually got some detail in the darker areas of the reflection without totally blowing out the top of the picture where all the light was coming from.

The reflection is actually the ceiling. I like the angle of this because I have no idea where to turn my head. And I like the white light bulbs in contrast with the rest of the dark garage. They look like hopeful beacons of light...or ugly lightbulbs... The bike is cool.

And now I have to go home and wash my car.

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Michael said...

Those are actually kind of cool. I'm glad to see you playing with reflections and seeing things differently. Nice job.