Tuesday, January 6, 2009

burning! yay!

Burning and dodging are amazing. At first I thought they sounded kind of morbid, but now I have learned that they are AWESOME. Here is my first (successfully?) burned picutre. It was just a little burn, but I think it makes a good difference. Before the upper left corner by the tree was really bright/white (I'm not quite sure why - I think there was a fence there or something) which kind of sucked because it was drawing all the focus there and off the photo. But now the focus is back on the thing in the middle, and my life is full of sunshine and rainbows.

Also, I've been looking at Catherine Wagner's photography lately, and it's pretty cool. I like this quote by her (that kind of goes with Slade's story about the lime mine): "these rooms are future ruins."

I like how unpossed and kind of spontaneous this one is. I love pictures like this where it seems like nobody in the picture knows they're getting their picture taken - it looks so much more real.

I like this one too because it's a little out of place and it almost disagrees with itself.
And now, my brother's (un photo related) couplet:
This recession sucks
It's taken all our bucks.

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Michael said...

Too bad you didn't write that couplet. It's pretty clever.