Thursday, January 22, 2009

Assignment #3 - High Key/Low Key

I actually really liked this assignment - high key in particular. I really like the shadows you can get in high key (not the big, dark shadows but the more subtle gray ones). For example, the lighting was really weird where I took the fourth picture down and each of the erasers ended up casting three different shadows. Low key seem harder, because I kind of had trouble with the difference between a low key photograph and an ugly, underexposed photograph.

My favorite high key picture is the eggshell one (fifth down). I like all the scattered/shattered eggshells and how the broken shells surround the whole egg. I think the texture of the shells is really cool too. My favorite low key picture is the eggshells one (I have a thing for eggshells, don't I?) on the leather chair. I think that the texture of the leather is really cool (though it's easier to see it in the actual print). I also like the contrast.

If I could have done something differently for this assignment, I honestly would have started shooting earlier. I wish I had gotten more variety in my images.


The Moral(s) of the Story: 1) Don't wait to shoot until the last minute. Just shoot and reshoot and then reshoot some more. It means you get to shoot a greater number of images with more variety. 2) There is a difference between shooting black objects and shooting in the dark. 3) What do you know - getting in closer really can help a lot to make your photos better: more detailed, more unique, and more interesting. 4) Bracketing. It sucks. It takes forever and if for some reason a certain unnamed individual who is certainly not me (cough) is not yet particularly camera savvy and has to reset their focus every three seconds, they will be tempted to gouge your own eyes out. But it is worth it. It is freaking AMAZING. Not fun, but worthwhile. NOT fun. But worthwhile.

And now, a crappy poem by yours truly. I seem to be getting worse and worse at these.

I proudly present it: my third assignment
(a bit repetitive - hope you don't mind it).
I shot some black dresses
(note: eggshells make messes)
I sure hope they don't cause my confinement...?

(Sorry about that last lame rhyme
at least my project is on time)

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