Thursday, January 15, 2009

And how do you feel about that?

Oh look...a post I wrote two weeks ago and never posted...

So these are the first two pictures where I actually started to understand what Slade meant when talking about making a picture "feel" right. I fiddled around with both of these forever and no matter what I did they just were....ugh! Gr! Bleh! I wanted to pull my hair out.

My singular ad - raising the bar.

I messed with this picture for hours on end and it ended up looking like crap. So I started all over from scratch and in about five minutes we ended up with this. Huzzah. I guess this just proves less is more.

Also, three amazing things I learned today:

1. Do not contract "show-me-everything-itis".

2. When in doubt, get closer.

3. The world would be a better place if we all had a peice of cake.

Also, kudos to Obama for becoming president.

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Natalie! said...

I totally agree with those 3 things.. especially the third one.