Monday, January 26, 2009

I've been thinking a lot about our portraits project, and how I would really love to shoot a few specific people, given the chance (shoot like take their picture, by the way, I don't believe in murder). So yeah, I'm just day dreaming, but how cool would it be to photograph: 

Barack Obama

Isabella Rossellini

Elvis Presley

Winston Churchill

Marylin Monroe

Usain Bolt

Klaus Kinski

...and his alter ego, Nosferatu. 

So if anyone is facebook friends with any of the above, please feel free to pull a couple strings for me - it's good karma. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Assignment #3 - High Key/Low Key

I actually really liked this assignment - high key in particular. I really like the shadows you can get in high key (not the big, dark shadows but the more subtle gray ones). For example, the lighting was really weird where I took the fourth picture down and each of the erasers ended up casting three different shadows. Low key seem harder, because I kind of had trouble with the difference between a low key photograph and an ugly, underexposed photograph.

My favorite high key picture is the eggshell one (fifth down). I like all the scattered/shattered eggshells and how the broken shells surround the whole egg. I think the texture of the shells is really cool too. My favorite low key picture is the eggshells one (I have a thing for eggshells, don't I?) on the leather chair. I think that the texture of the leather is really cool (though it's easier to see it in the actual print). I also like the contrast.

If I could have done something differently for this assignment, I honestly would have started shooting earlier. I wish I had gotten more variety in my images.


The Moral(s) of the Story: 1) Don't wait to shoot until the last minute. Just shoot and reshoot and then reshoot some more. It means you get to shoot a greater number of images with more variety. 2) There is a difference between shooting black objects and shooting in the dark. 3) What do you know - getting in closer really can help a lot to make your photos better: more detailed, more unique, and more interesting. 4) Bracketing. It sucks. It takes forever and if for some reason a certain unnamed individual who is certainly not me (cough) is not yet particularly camera savvy and has to reset their focus every three seconds, they will be tempted to gouge your own eyes out. But it is worth it. It is freaking AMAZING. Not fun, but worthwhile. NOT fun. But worthwhile.

And now, a crappy poem by yours truly. I seem to be getting worse and worse at these.

I proudly present it: my third assignment
(a bit repetitive - hope you don't mind it).
I shot some black dresses
(note: eggshells make messes)
I sure hope they don't cause my confinement...?

(Sorry about that last lame rhyme
at least my project is on time)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And how do you feel about that?

Oh look...a post I wrote two weeks ago and never posted...

So these are the first two pictures where I actually started to understand what Slade meant when talking about making a picture "feel" right. I fiddled around with both of these forever and no matter what I did they just were....ugh! Gr! Bleh! I wanted to pull my hair out.

My singular ad - raising the bar.

I messed with this picture for hours on end and it ended up looking like crap. So I started all over from scratch and in about five minutes we ended up with this. Huzzah. I guess this just proves less is more.

Also, three amazing things I learned today:

1. Do not contract "show-me-everything-itis".

2. When in doubt, get closer.

3. The world would be a better place if we all had a peice of cake.

Also, kudos to Obama for becoming president.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

car reflections

These are from waaaaaaaaaaayyyy back in assignment one - the "car detail" pictures. They're not blow you away fantabulous, but I was experimenting with burning and dodging with them (speaking of which, is it obvious?).

Check out that nifty ladder. Is the white...thing on right hand side too bright?

I like photographs where you can see the photographer/camera (on purpose - the ones you take and then realize you're accidentally in later suck). My car is so dirty.

My warped garage. I'm glad I actually got some detail in the darker areas of the reflection without totally blowing out the top of the picture where all the light was coming from.

The reflection is actually the ceiling. I like the angle of this because I have no idea where to turn my head. And I like the white light bulbs in contrast with the rest of the dark garage. They look like hopeful beacons of light...or ugly lightbulbs... The bike is cool.

And now I have to go home and wash my car.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

burning! yay!

Burning and dodging are amazing. At first I thought they sounded kind of morbid, but now I have learned that they are AWESOME. Here is my first (successfully?) burned picutre. It was just a little burn, but I think it makes a good difference. Before the upper left corner by the tree was really bright/white (I'm not quite sure why - I think there was a fence there or something) which kind of sucked because it was drawing all the focus there and off the photo. But now the focus is back on the thing in the middle, and my life is full of sunshine and rainbows.

Also, I've been looking at Catherine Wagner's photography lately, and it's pretty cool. I like this quote by her (that kind of goes with Slade's story about the lime mine): "these rooms are future ruins."

I like how unpossed and kind of spontaneous this one is. I love pictures like this where it seems like nobody in the picture knows they're getting their picture taken - it looks so much more real.

I like this one too because it's a little out of place and it almost disagrees with itself.
And now, my brother's (un photo related) couplet:
This recession sucks
It's taken all our bucks.