Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my quest to understand photoshop continues

Assignment two photos - not the ones I experimented with for exposures, but still from that assignment. (note: when photographing outside during the winter on top of a hill in the wind, bring gloves)

Stairs. Brrrrrrrrrr. I like the icicles - the reflections of all the ice this time of year are pretty cool to photograph.

Ladders (I think) in the back of a cart thing.

The brilliant thing I learned to today: Setting your white point is like walking on eggshells on feathers on thin ice on a lake of dragon's blood and reindeer tears. I'm still not entirely sure what this means, but it sounds dangerous. I guess what Slade was getting at is that it's difficult (almost to the point of being imaginary?) and that one should use the utmost caution when setting said white point.

And since I'm going to need all the extra credit in this class I can get...

There once was a student named Emma
Whose photography posed a dilemma.
She said, losing heart,
"I don't know where to start."
And so (just for now) she will end-a.


Hannah said...

Emma when you become a famous photographer/poet I will run your fan club. Really i love the picture and the poetry!

Michael said...

That is pretty funny.

You should actually consider making photographs and writing a short poem for each of them for your final project. The couplet and the limerick are very clever.

I'll have to read you my limerick in class tomorrow.