Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My bracketing assignment.

gross, underexposed photo

gross, overexposed photo

photo I can stand!

I like this picture (despite the fact that it was freezing cold at this school and I had no gloves). That cloud in the upper right drove me crazy before Slade came to rescue it (I mean..."better" it - we do not resuce photographs!) and I learned about setting your white point (see post below for analogy). The icicles hanging off the edge of what I'm going to call a dock for lack of a better word are really cool (and if you look at the bottom corner of the gate, you can see more cool icicles - they freeze along the chain link so they zig zag back and forth).

creepy truck picture

I was playing with curve and got this (properly exposed one with good curve to come later). Isn't that cool looking? Cue the Twilight Zone music.
Let's try a couplet today...
Cameras break and tripods rust
But in histogram we trust.

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Michael said...

I hate the picture.

I LOVE the couplet.

Well done!