Thursday, December 18, 2008

bracketing: continued...

More of my bracketing assignment. While the first two really are very bad exposures, they aren't quite as extreme as the bad exposures for my other bracketing pictures.

gross, overexposed photo

gross, underexposed photo (except for the sky, which is way too bright)

photo I can stand!

I can't quite put my finger on what it is I like about the photograph, but there's something about it that I Maybe the framing? I think the sky is a little bright, and that this would be much better if somebody would take pity on us and teach us how to burn and dodge...but I can't really complain, because Slade did help me to take this picture (my darkest exposure, and the only one where the sky was remotely acceptable) and bring out the highlights in the lower half. So at least I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

Slade's Quote of the Day: pay attention to your backgrounds.

There once was a teacher named Slade,
Great photographs he has made
And if your darks are white,
Or your highlights aren't light,
Then he will come to your aide.

And now, a poem about how sad not being able to dodge and burn makes me, how it keeps me up late at night and drives me absolutly crazy, causing me to obsess over my photos in a desperate attempt to fix my photos somehow without dodging and burning...

My photography's breaking my heart
Though I think I do more than my part
Here are the facts:
Now I never relax
In short, I should have stayed in art.


Meghan said...

I really like this image Emma! The sky looks way cool. I like how you can see the clouds too. :)

Hannah said...

I like the stillness of this one! It seems like a place that should be busy but is on hold. Also as always your poems are the coolest thing i have ever read! how ever do you come up with them?

Hannah said...

I'm glad you didn't stay in art

Sarah Reichel said...

I agree with Hannah...on both comments! It does look like it should be busy but you've captured this moment and it seems like you've made time stop....which is kind of mind bogeling.... Also i love your poems! You could be the next Silverstein...I mean that is if you want to....

Michael said...

I can't believe I haven't read that limerick until now. It is the first that anyone has ever written about me. Wow!